Information concerning Oslo Design Fair in the time of corona.
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We at Oslo Design Fair are busy planning for this August’s event. We hope and still believe that the serious situation around the corona virus will stabilize and that we can meet as usual after the summer but will of course continuously follow all advice from the Institute of Public Health. When this extraordinary and grave situation is over, we believe that people will have a tremendous need to meet physically and get started with their own business and trade with others again. This will also be important for our industry.

As a result of the ongoing corona situation, Norwegian Trade Fairs (Norges Varemesse) has cancelled all events in March and April. As part of this, the exhibitors will be reimbursed for stand fees and registration fees that have already been paid. We hope this situation is temporary, and we look forward to being able to carry out planned events this autumn. If the situation continues and we have to stay at home or avoid larger groups for a longer time, and Oslo Design Fair 26 – 28 August 2020 cannot be carried out as planned, we will refund the exhibitors’ pre-paid stand rent and registration fee as we have done for the events which were cancelled in March and April. Technical equipment ordered via the Norwegian Trade Fair will also not be invoiced or charged unless the equipment is delivered.

If your company does not have the opportunity to attend the Oslo Design Fair in August due to the consequences of the guidelines from the public health institute under the corona virus, we will cancel your registration for the autumn event until 19 June 2020. After June 19, registration will be binding.

Oslo Design Fair Corona style

The creative team that still consists of the design duo Vera & Kyte, curator Kirsten Visdal and artist Andreas Siqueland is working towards a trend exhibition under the theme impossible/possible that will include the specific issues we are facing. We want to focus on how we can best live in a new reality and the value of having a good home. The theme is more relevant than ever, and profound societal change came faster than we previously anticipated. But as we have said before: Great challenges also create great opportunities!

In a period of great uncertainty and fear, Oslo Design Fair wants to contribute positively on the digital platforms at our disposal. We therefore encourage all our exhibitors and visitors to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. On these platforms we will try to inspire, enlighten and give specific tips that are relevant to all of us now that we are at home much more than usual. The coronavirus and fear of infection will impact our ways of living, both indoors and outdoors. We also encourage all of you in the industry to send us information and tips on how to address these challenges, which we can share on our digital platforms.

With the measures we have put in place, you as an exhibitor will be able to safely sign up for the Oslo Design Fair, which will be held on 26-28 August, despite the uncertainty caused by the corona virus. We are still looking forward to seeing you all this autumn!

Norges Varemesse AS

Lillestrøm, March 18, 2020