From exhibition modules to living entities

Recycling is on the agenda when Oslo Design Fair kicks off 28-30 August. When the fair is over the modules from the main exhibition will live on as cabins.

The project is developed by the architectural studio Vardehaugen in collaboration with Aslak Haanshuus Architects in response to the theme of the fair, Rethink.
«The idea of making the exhibition last for 50, maybe 100 years, is a sustainable approach in line with the concept of the exhibition. It’s not just about form and style, but a project with substance and attitude,» says Håkon Matre Aasarød, founder of Vardehaugen.

Travelling to Træna island and Sweden
The modules are made of solid wood, a flexible, robust and environmentally friendly material, delivered by the Norwegian company Massivtre AS. When the fair is over, five of the exhibition modules will be shipped to Træna, a small island community north in Norway, and become part of a new development.
«Together with Moa Björnson, Head of Development of Træna municipality, we have been looking at the possibilities of building a hotel at Træna for a while. The modules from Oslo Design Fair will help us kickstart this project,» says Trygve Sunde Kolderup, outdoor enthusiast and editor of the Norwegian Trekking Association’s magazine Fjell og Vidde.
The two remaining modules will help fulfil Anne Marit Lunde and Frode Vågen’s cabin dream in Värmland in Sweden.
«It’s important to us to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of the building process – from materials and technical solutions to mounting and how the cabin relates to its surroundings. Reusing materials from the exhibition in our cabin is a big bonus,» says architect and curator Anne Marit Lunde.

Spectacular! The expected view from the exhibition modules’ new life at Træna.

Rethink in practice

The exhibition demonstrates how collaborations across industries and networks can lead to innovative solutions that benefits everyone involved – including the environment.
«We are extremely proud of this fantastic project, that illustrates how circular economy works in real life. Oslo Design Fair can present an amazing exhibition that will be of great use to others once the fair is over. That’s Rethink in practice,» says Cathrine Eriksson, Director of Oslo Design Fair.

Welcome to an inspiring and innovative fair 28-30 August 2019!

Illustration: Vardehaugen


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